Gardener at Heart - Book One

A Lady Reposes (Mountain Lady’s Slipper, Cypripedium montanum)

Her bedroom’s full of shrubs and oaks;

Amid the prickly undergrowths

She’s cleared a space and made her bed

And sat down in her petticoats.

Her hat, her coat, her gloves, all shed,

Her dress unbuttoned on the bed;

Like russet leaves she’s let them fall,

And stretched, and yawned, and scratched her head.

The dappling sun is hot and tall.

A napping bird gives out a call. 

She fluffs her silken underclothes;

She pats her skirts and drapes her shawl.

At last she lifts a slippered toe

And with a tug undoes the bow;

The ribbon’s in a knot, and so

She goes to sleep, and lets it go.

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