Gardener at Heart - Book One

The Old Stargazer (Old-Growth Grand Fir)

At night I watch the pageant of the stars,

And bit by bit I learn their lofty ways;

Atop my tower I observe afar

Bright skaters gliding round the pond of space.

At times when rowdy clouds obscure the show,

I pace and growl, impatient with delay;

At times some small commotion down below

Disturbs my daily doze, and bids me say

Hello to all my brothers. Ah, but then

Earth rolls, and kicks her flukes, and all her space

Is filled with phosphorescence once again,

And I see nothing else. These are my ways:

    To learn, to ponder, and to feast my eyes

    On all the radiant splendors of the skies.

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