Gardener at Heart - Book One

The Farm Wife (East-Side Scrub Oak, Quercus garryana)

Some folks don’t really like this place,

This hard old rocky hillside farm,

But this is where we’ve settled down,

And we don’t do too bad, I guess.

We make a living, anyway,

With what we have right here and now,

And that’s more than some folks can say.

I’ve got a real nice sunrise view,

And there’s a fair amount of birds.

I keep my feeders full for them;

I go out early every day,

No matter what the weather is.

The moths are really something, too.

I must have seen a hundred kinds.

Why, who’d have thought that brown on brown

Could come so many different ways?

We like to sit outside to hear

The little frogs that sometimes call,

And later on the owls are close,

And once we saw a cougar track.

I’ve seen a lot of things from here.

I’ve lived my whole life in this spot

And raised my children best I could.

They all live right here on this hill,

All just a jump and yell away.

I’ve never really felt the need

For liberation like some do.

My life has always seemed to ask

My best and then a little more.

I may not look like much to you.

Depends on how you look, I guess.

You’ll have to take me as I am

And find what good you can.

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