Gardener at Heart - Book One

The Old-Timer (Common Mullein, Verbascum thapsus)

Well, I was born and raised here,

And my dad and granddad before me.

I stick to the old ways.

I ain’t seen no reason yet

To give up independence for convenience.

I light my own candle

And I don’t owe a dime.

My son and grandson are the same way.

Give ’em a clearing in the woods

And they can start a fire,

Raise a cabin,

Make a table and put food on it.

Just feel this homespun.

You can’t buy stuff like this

The way my wife makes it,

Warm as toast, and waterproof, too.

She can make any camp cosy

And brew up a cup o' tea

That’ll cure what ails you.

We got no call to be ashamed.

We can look any man right in the eye

And say we never lied nor cheated

To make a living.

There’s virtue in survival.

You modern folks with your new-fangled ideas

May disapprove of how we see things,

But I tell you here and now

That it’s okay to be alive

And make a path through the grass.

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