Gardener at Heart - Book One

The Gambler (Collecting Seed From Chocolate Lily, Fritillaria lanceolata)

You act surprised to find me sporting pants

And spending chips from stacks of tidy piles,

A pack of cards like autumn in my hands;

My cronies fan their cards to hide their smiles.

It’s been a while since you were here last spring.

I wore my fancy silk, as I recall;

I’m not beguiling in my oldest things,

But I’m no less myself, enhanced by fall.

You say I'm foolish, yet you want to know

Why I let chancy bets use up my stores:

I know the things I hoard will never grow;

I let them go in order to have more.

    Here—take these chips—and change out of your frown

    And take a chance on life, and cast them down.

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