Gardener at Heart - Book One

The Perfect House

The house of my dreams

Is strong and broad and white

And spacious with windows and skylights

And wrapped around with a porch on all sides

Wide enough for a toddler to ride a trike

Past grownups in cushioned chairs, talking and laughing.

This house has big rooms

And big windows that open like doors.

Insects never come in, except butterflies and hover flies,

And also hummingbirds come in to explore,

And if you hold still,

They will all find their own way safely out again.

The sweet smell of flowers comes in,

And a green smell from the lawn that was cut early this morning,

And the cool air from under a shady tree

With strong low branches that invite children up.

This house of my dreams

Somehow always has clean floors

For little bare feet to patter on,

And fluffy clean carpets for babies to crawl on.

The laundry warm from the dryer is heaped in a basket,

The tables are always uncluttered,

The houseplants are exuberant,

The bookcases are too full,

The chairs are covered with soft blankets,

And the couch is long enough

For a tired person to stretch out

With feet up on a pillow.

Everything is washable one way or another,

And nobody gets upset if you accidentally spill something.

And everywhere there are flowers,

Huge extravagant bouquets in magically unbreakable vases,

That sometimes at special moments a hummingbird will visit.

A savory smell is drifting from the kitchen,

And a finch sings near the feeder in the yard.

In this house of my dreams,

Children get out paper and crayons,

And shake rattles and tambourines,

And push little cars across the floor,

And the people in this house feel like painting something,

Or writing a poem,

Or learning another musical instrument,

Or helping a child up onto their lap

And telling a story they make up as they go along.

On the walls are taped up the children’s drawings,

And photographs of friends,

And behind them are tucked leaves and feathers found on walks.

When you come to visit,

Be sure to take the toys and books out of the chair

Before you sit down,

Feel free to put your feet up,

And remember not to say any unkind word

In this house of my dreams.

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