Gardener at Heart - Book One

How Shall I Describe The New Moon?

I feel sorry for her empty arms,

But at least I know

That she will soon be pregnant.

The tide has gone out,

Leaving this little shell fragment 

Inlaid in the sand.

It looks like

God has been

Cutting his fingernails again!

Surely there is an old legend

That tells how White Buffalo Woman

Got up in the sky.

The pine tree is growing out her bangs.

Now they are long enough

To need a clip.

A broken shell in the middle of the grass

Means that the mother bird has cleaned her nest.

Is there ever an albino raven?

It would take a really big medicine woman

And more love than I have

To mend this broken hoop.

Yet when she dances with a planet,

Somehow I feel excited again

About finding the path of beauty.

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