Gardener at Heart - Book One

How Shall I Describe The Full Moon?

At first I thought it was a dream,

But no matter how long I watched,

The bubble did not pop.

Excuse me!

I have to rush inside

And heap my bowl with vanilla ice cream!

God was very tired when he emptied his pockets,

And he did not pick up this one dime

That fell and rolled away across the floor.

Long ago, some very cold people

Were puzzling over how to build a house out of snow

Until the moon said, “Look at me!”

I don’t see a man up there.

I see a little child just finishing a chocolate treat

While the mommy runs for a wet washcloth.

Now this is enough

To make any little hen worth its salt broody.

How long till it hatches?

These orange streetlights are an insult to her beauty,

But she keeps on rising.

She is above such things.

Go ahead, count all the hawks.

But if you’re going to stare at her all night,

Remember to tell her that you love her.

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