Gardener at Heart - Book One

Waiting For Paradise By A No-Trespassing Sign


We are the dispossessed,

the ones without gardens.

We are priced out,

kicked out,

zoned out,

fenced out.

We are told to move out.

Really, there is not much space left to be out in.

We are too poor

to buy justice.

We are thirsty

for the milk of human kindness,

but it does not seem to flow

past the bottom line.

The world is full of strangers

who are each other’s friend

but not ours.

It is tough to keep forgiving people

who do not even know they need it.

Being right gives them hard faces.

Yet what a burden not to forgive!

We are tired of hearing

that anyone can have a garden.

That coffee can full of dirt

just doesn’t cut it.

We are children of Adam, too.

Well, it looks like they’re starting another development.

We can’t help wondering:
will the meek still want the earth

when the proud are done with it?

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