Gardener at Heart - Book One

When Deer Brush Deer Brush (Ceanothus integerrimus)

In the saturated green of evening

When the sun is behind the hill,

The doe swims among the blossoms,

Her warm brown coat awash

In soft blue and white, like foamy hands,

And as she floats forward

To take a colored bite,

Guard hairs brush petals,

Silk on silk,

Touch, and slide, and separate,

Gently pressed together by their respective bodies,

A moment interleaved like tesselated fingers,

Then springing to their usual arc,

Each with a lingering memory of the other.

Now the doe’s back is flecked with tiny flowers,

Blue, and white, and almost purple,

And on the tresses of bloom, a few brown hairs.

How rich the gentle colors in the evening.

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