Gardener at Heart - Book Two


Peas are vegetable babies.

They squeak 

And they cling so tightly to their trellis

With their curly little tendrils.

Their leaves are so smooth,

Their blooms are so soft.

And see how fast they grow!

Their pods are toys clutched and brandished.

They hold them out,

But you still have to get them out of their fists.

Each pod splits with a wonderful little pop,

And inside the toy peas are lined up,

So neat and round and orderly,

Ready to be nibbled right out of the pod.

Each pea detaches with a satisfying little snap,

And crunches with a delicate little crunch,

Full of sweet green juice.

Are there ever enough pea pods?

Each one is a secret green world,

A row of tiny people in a canoe,

Little dolls lined up in a doll bed,

A family in a small cosy house.

It’s okay to eat them up.

And it’s okay to drop the pod halves on the ground.

They will go back to Mother Earth.

Look—a little bitty pod is pushing out of this blossom!

It must be a dolly pod!

And here are some that will be ready tomorrow!

Oh, peas are worth it!

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