Gardener at Heart - Book Two

Talking Charades #9

Me and my wife are builders.

We build our own home,

Wearing old canvas coats and flannel shirts.

Gotta choose wood that’s just right,

Well-seasoned and strong.

We haul it ourselves.

We work at our own pace

And it all gets done at the right time.

Beauty and usefulness together

Make perfect symmetry.

You know, plaster’s better than panelling,

And we like those old-fashioned straw ticks.

When everything’s ready, 

My wife moves in her pottery—

The most beautiful porcelain,

Hand-painted, lightly glazed,

Inspired by the sky,

A joy to look at—

But we never invite anyone over.

We prefer to live secluded.

Privacy is how we feel okay,

And that’s that.

What am I?

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