Gardener at Heart - Book Two

It’s A Good Day

So first we ran out of milk,

And someone said they hated oatmeal,

And then the cat made it known that it had to be let out instantly,

And someone couldn’t find their second sock, without which life would be insupportable

for another moment,

And a bowl filled with oatmeal and peaches and cream and honey all carefully and

artistically arranged just so got accidentally dropped on the floor,

And then the phone rang, which it never rings at this time of day,

And someone raced through the kitchen dragging a belt with all three kittens chasing it,

And the person who had been planning to wear the belt ran through chasing them,

And it just so happened that there was a huge spider in the bathtub,

And what’s more, we were fresh out of toilet paper to kill it with,

And the parakeet was not supposed to be let out of its cage right now,

Although maybe it could eat the spider,

And does anybody know how that oatmeal got up on the ceiling?

But all in all, I’ll say this for it:

It was a good day,

Really, it was a very good day,

Which I know because when I went to put on my coat and go get the mail,

I was able to say (unlike yesterday),

You know it’s a good day when there’s no dead mouse in your boot!

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