Gardener at Heart - Book Two

The Indigenous Renter

Now people have cut Mother Earth up into squares,

And they buy and sell those squares

As if Mother Earth is nothing but a whore.

I guess eloquence is in vain.

If you so much as dare to enjoy the sparkle

On someone else’s water,

You’re trespassing—

Yes, they've made it a crime—

A crime that even Jesus has committed—

Jesus, the ultimate homeless person,

With nowhere to lay his head.

People treat each other worse than animals.

No one evicts birds from their nests

For not paying rent,

But us naked two-legged creatures

With heads the right shape for crowns

Are not allowed to have a place at Mother Earth’s breast

Without first paying for it

And shoving someone else off the nipple.

When will everyone be able to sit quietly

On the dirt inside their own tipi?

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