Gardener at Heart - Book Two

On Planet Earth

What is this strange place?

Hurricanes, those giant cyclops,

Harriers with their dripping claws,

Hirsute red-eyed beasts,

Hyphae insidious and invidious,

Herod with his bloody hands...

Oh, the horror!

In this strange place,

Herbs curl up and blacken;

Hummingbirds falter and fall to earth;

Health turns to hell;

Hapless creatures hunt for help,

Unrolling their desperate tracks;

The continents are ripped apart and reeling.

Oh, this strange hard terrible place!

Yet the sun keeps shining on all this wretchedness.

Somewhere, the merciful rain is falling

To wash the rocks and soak into the dust.

The gentle grass is coming

To transform the barren hills.

Seeds sprout among the bones.

That doe with one useless hind leg

Suddenly shows up with twin fawns.

Someone pushes that heavy little box to the back of the shelf,

Turns and flings open a case,

Strikes bird-voiced sparks with horsehair and steel strings,

Brings that hollow wooden heart to life once more.

What is this strange hard terrible amazing place?

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